Schweitzer: No 2012 Senate Run

Aaron Flint posted on February 28, 2011 08:35 :: 1565 Views

Gov. Brian Schweitzer was making the rounds with the national TV outlets in Washington, DC last week as he met with President Barack Obama and several other Democratic Governors. 

He joined PBS’ Newshour and Neil Cavuto on Fox News.  Watch both clips below, starting with the PBS interview where he joined Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. 

Plus, he sat down with The Politico’s David Catanese, where he made it clear that he would not be running for the US Senate in 2012.

Q: Here’s a rumor I’ve heard that you can knock down: (Jon) Tester’s going to run for governor so you can run for Senate.

A: I don’t think I’d fit in so good here.

Q: So not interested, is that a no?

A: No, I’m supporting Jon Tester for the United States Senate and Jon’s running for the United States Senate.

He added that Congressman Rehberg is on “an apology tour” which you can read about at this link

In a separate article by Catanese posted over the weekend, Schweitzer hinted at a presidential bid of his own:

But when asked about his own presidential aspirations, he appeared open to the thought.

“I’m looking at President Obama and gosh, four years ago he had a wonderful shock of black hair. It’s about half gray right now. It’s a job that takes a great deal of energy,” he said initially.

But when pressed if he would contemplate a 2016 campaign, he replied, “Consider it? Sure. Because I’m a citizen of America like everybody else.”

As for how many vetoes the Governor is ready to dole out, here’s what he told Catanese in this transcript of the interview:

40 vetoes since I’ve been governor. I’ll probably do a hundred or so this time around.

Watch the latest video at

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