Rehberg-Tester Coverage Highlights

Aaron Flint posted on February 07, 2011 09:31 :: 1085 Views

Marnee Banks with Montana’s CBS TV stations aired a comprehensive report statewide Saturday night.  Watch her full report below.  Plus, KTVQ has this, in their 2012 outlook:

Since 1913, Montana has only elected two republicans to the U.S. Senate.
Zales Ecton served from1947 to1952 and most recently Conrad Burns from 1989 to 2007.

Lee Newspaper’s Chuck Johnson on Rehberg Announcement:

“The truth is that Jon Tester has been a reliable ‘yes man’ for Barack Obama and Harry Reid – and he’s voted for the Obama administration 97 percent of the time,” Rehberg told a crowd at the Lewis and Clark County Republican Party Lincoln/Reagan Day dinner.

When Reid wanted a $1 trillion stimulus bill to pass the Senate, Tester voted yes, Rehberg said. Likewise, Rehberg said, Tester fell in line with Reid and supported “Obamacare on Christmas Eve,” $500 billion in higher taxes, $500 billion in cuts to Medicare and the use of taxpayers’

Tester had the standard response:

 “I’ve never entered this race running against anyone. We will do as we always do. Whether it’s Steve Daines or Dennis Rehberg, I really look forward to comparing my record against anyone’s record.”

“This honestly doesn’t come as a surprise,” Tester said.

Meanwhile, in the race for the US House in 2012, Billings Outpost editor and liberal blogger David Crisp asks this:

Rehberg is right on one point: It should be one of the most interesting Senate races in the country. And I don’t know whom Democrats can put up who is likely to beat Daines. (Steve Daines is so far the only GOP Candidate for the US House in 2012)

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