Liberals Whine Over Endangered Species Remark

Aaron Flint posted on February 09, 2011 09:16 :: 1211 Views

Well, the liberal press corps is in full scale campaign mode for 2012.  The lefty blogs and MSNBC are now trying to go after Congressman Denny Rehberg for a remark he made before the State Legislature Monday.  While it seems pretty clear to those of us in Montana that the Congressman was calling for Judge Don Molloy to be out of a job, some are trying to call his remark a “threat.”   

The Montana Cowgirl blog is promoting this video of MSNBC’s Ed Schulz.

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Meanwhile, here’s what Rehberg’s spokesman Jed Link told The Hill.

“No one thinks Senator Tester is actually preparing to go to war despite his frequent references to building a war chest,” Rehberg spokesman Jed Link said in response. “Nor did anyone feel threatened when Time suggested Republicans were an ‘endangered species’ on a 2009 cover. This hand-wringing is nothing but an attempt to distract Montanans from the substance of the speech and the fact that Washington Democrats have been wrong on just about every issue they’ve tackled including some of the judges they’ve sent to the federal bench.”

I know TPMDC and other blogs are having fun with this, but I think at the end of the day they are only helping Rehberg.  Judge Molloy has become such a lightning rod in Montana following his decision to place wolves back on the Endangered Species List; I’m sure even the Democrats would like to see him get out of the limelight for a little while. 

Remember Democratic Gov Brian Schweitzer asking whether one judge would tell us whether or not we could have a wolf hunt?  My immediate reaction was:  Governor Schweitzer- meet Judge Molloy.  And, yes, he will block a wolf hunt. 

Some want to log the forests, some want to turn them into wilderness;  others just want to watch them burn. 

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