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Aaron Flint posted on February 05, 2011 21:27 :: 1144 Views

Highlights from Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg’s Speech (advance copy- so actual speech delivery may differ- will post actual video later):

Tonight I will make it official.  I am running for the United States Senate. 

“Some of you may be asking, why am I running for the United States Senate? Let’s get one thing straight: I don’t think I need more quality time with Max Baucus.”

“I have personally felt the sting of the death tax which forced us to sell one third of the ranch my great-grandparents worked so hard to put together.  The house, the barn, the corrals- all sold to pay the death tax.” 

“I’ve had to do a bit of repentance myself over the years: I stand before you as a reformed earmarker.” 

“John Boehner is Speaker of The House; Nancy Pelosi is flying commercial.”

“The truth is: I’ve been covinced to run by an unlikely person: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.” 

Rehberg then criticized moves by Reid to block a vote repealing Obamacare, and a defiant stance opposing President Obama and House Republican’s ban on earmarks. 

How could Harry Reid be so arrogant?   Well, a big reason is because he’s got two sure votes from the State of Montana for earmarks, Obamacare, and the entire big government agenda.  And one of those votes is Jon Tester. 

When Harry Reid wanted a trillion dollar stimulus bill- Jon Tester voted yes.  When Harry Reid wanted to pass Obamacare on Christmas Eve- Jon Tester voted yes.  The truth is that Jon Tester has been a reliable “yes man” for Barack Obama and Harry Reid- and he’s voted with the Obama Administration 97% of the time. 

He also cited Tester’s vote in support of two liberal Supreme Court Justices, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, and spoke of the coming retirement of the controversial Federal Judge Don Molloy (L-Missoula.)  “When that vacancy occurs, you know that our current Senators will give a rubber stamp to any nominee as liberal as Judge Molloy.  But you can count on me as a Senator to use the power known as the “blue slip” to block any appointments to the federal court in Missoula who are outside the judicial mainstream. 

I offer myself as your candidate to help take back the majority in The United States Senate next November.    

 Rehberg Speech Video Part 1:

Rehberg Speech Video Part Two:

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