More Lessons in Civility

Aaron Flint posted on January 21, 2011 11:33 :: 2219 Views

Apparently that whole call for civility (even though a lack of civility had nothing to do with the Arizona shootings) didn’t last long.  Earlier this week, one Democratic Congressman compared House Republicans to Nazis, while another said that Republicans would be killing Americans if they repealed Obamacare. 

Meanwhile, as news of the Barkus sentencing came out yesterday, at least one liberal in Missoula hoped for a much more tragic ending to the Flathead Lake boat crash involving Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-MT). 

On another note, remember the media after the Arizona shootings?  They not only went after Sarah Palin, they also went after former Democratic West Virginia Governor and current US Senator Joe Manchin for using a rifle in an ad where he was putting a target on cap and trade.  

It’s a little late now- but it reminded one of our show’s listeners of an ad cut by Montana’s Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer.  In the ad, Schweitzer was using a shotgun as the narrator described policies he shot down.  It ends with the Governor showing the federal government’s Real ID card, and then shooting it.  Media sensationalists and anti-gun activists would have you believe that the Governor was inciting violence against Real ID supporters. Of course he wasn’t, but any of these references only reinforces the absurd rhetoric coming out of all the anti-gun zealots and other partisans hoping to score political points off of a tragedy.    



Friday, January 21, 2011 12:37 PM

Liberals are just a bunch of spoiled brats…they are commanded by their leaders to create havoc. they are in a large part compensated for same. they are not even close to being patriots as they do not have it in their heart or soul to understand the situation. they are like Bob Hope said years ago, they are zombies walking around without anything in their mind, helpless, hopeless souls…Democrats….no offense to all Democrats as I know lots of good conscientious Democrats that are concerned about deficits, etc.

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