Freshman Democrats Support Tax Extension

Aaron Flint posted on December 13, 2010 18:22 :: 2510 Views

Here’s how The Politico wraps up the vote in the US Senate to pass the Obama tax compromise:

In 2006 ten freshmen Democrats marched into the Senate, propelled by a wave of popular outrage at the Bush administration.

Fast forward four years.

Nine members of the same class voted Wednesday to extend the signature policy of the very administration they once vowed to take on, joining 24 fellow Democrats up for reelection this cycle in supporting the measure, which passed easily 81 to 19. Democratic first-termers from states where Republicans made major gains last month, including Sens. Claire McCaskill, Jon Tester, Jim Webb, and Sherrod Brown, voted in favor of the package.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal describes the “Animal House” Congress:

The 111th Congress began with an $814 billion stimulus that blew out the federal balance sheet, so we suppose it’s only fitting that the Members want to exit by passing a 1,924-page, $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill. The worst Congress in modern history is true to its essence to the bitter end.

Think of this as a political version of the final scene in “Animal House,” when the boys from the Delta frat react to their expulsion by busting up the local town parade for the sheer mayhem of it.


Well, for some reason- all of the data in my prior post got wiped out.  The basic gist: Senators Tester and Baucus (D-MT), both announced they were voting in support of the Obama tax compromise and they said it was about creating jobs.  I asked the question: if it is good for jobs now, why didn’t they extend the tax rates 6 months ago? 

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