No Deal Yet on Tax Plan

Aaron Flint posted on November 17, 2010 09:20 :: 969 Views

Remember last Christmas Eve?  You probably already broke out the Egg Nog and the ugly sweater, but back in Washington the US Senate was voting to pass the federal health care bill now known as ObamaCare. 

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT), as Chairman of the US Senate Finance Committee, was responsible for shepherding the health care bill, and has now been rewarded with a 38% approval rating from Montanans. 

Well, you might see another gift in your Christmas stocking this year thanks to Sen. Baucus.  The question still remains, though, will that gift be tax policy as it stands now, or a tax hike?  The bottom line- noone knows.  

Here’s what Sen. Baucus told The Hill:

Baucus didn’t have any details about a broader tax-cut plan saying the issue wasn’t discussed among Democrats during today’s party lunch. 

He said he expects to “get down to serious discussions later this week.” 

The Senate isn’t expected to vote on a tax extenders bill this week and will take up the issue after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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