Revised Helena Sex Ed Curriculum Released

Aaron Flint posted on September 14, 2010 19:59 :: 1255 Views

The controversial “Sex Ed for Kindergartners” plan that brought national news cameras to Helena, MT has been revised.  The Helena Schools’ Board of Trustees discussed the document Tuesday night.

“Helena school officials have revised some of the most controversial aspects of the proposed health enhancement curriculum, responding to the flurry of criticism from parents over the sex education portion,” as The Helena Independent Record reports.

At first glance, it appears several, if not most, of the controversial provisions have either been revised or removed. 

If you’d like to read the fully revised curriculum for yourself, check out this link.  Most of the sex ed curriculum that drew fire from talk show hosts at Fox News and CNN is on page 53. 

KRTV’s Marnee Banks has this:

The requirement for a student to name reproductive organs was moved from kindergarten to fourth grade.

The portion which would have taught that human beings can love people of both the same gender and opposite gender was taken out of the curriculum altogether, but it was added that a child should know that family structures may differ.

Parent Mikal Wilkerson said, “I thought there were some things that were taken out that were great. I also think that a lot of it was restated, that it didn’t change a whole lot.”

I will post more news updates as time allows, and as the reports become available.  One thing I found interesting in the curriculum revisions is the clear highlighting of “state established benchmarks.”

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