McDonald Takes to Statewide Airwaves

Aaron Flint posted on August 20, 2010 14:05 :: 1083 Views

Dennis McDonald took to the statewide airwaves Friday morning, taking phone calls from listeners to “Voices of Montana” in his second appearance this year. 

McDonald- a rancher, former trial lawyer, and former Chairman of the Montana Democratic Party- is the Democratic candidate challenging Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-MT). 

To listen to part 1 of that entire show click here:

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With a meeting Friday afternoon in Lewistown hosted by Rehberg, I thought I would get McDonald’s take on the concerns over a potential new national monument designation.  McDonald says he thinks the issue is being manufactured by Rehberg and is a non-story.  He added that he would oppose a new monument simply because we can’t afford one right now. 

Click below to hear his full remarks on the monument question:  

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Plus, some of you may have seen this ad making the rounds among the politicos at the national level:

So- why not, on a lighter note, ask at least one of the Democratic candidates for Congress whether he’d welcome a campaign appearance by President Obama? 

Before ending with a “no comment,” here’s what McDonald had to say to that question:

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