KICKER: ACLU of Montana at it Again

Aaron Flint posted on August 24, 2010 09:18 :: 1316 Views

This is just borderline hilarious, another “are you kidding me?” move by the Montana ACLU. 

So apparently the Montana ACLU is springing into action and sending letters to Billings School District 2 officials because they plan on holding meetings in a church auditorium.  Here is what the ACLU is opposed to:

District Superintendent Keith Beeman defended meeting at Faith Chapel Church on the West End, saying the sound system, seating, refreshments and other accommodations fit the needs of the district.

“I personally visited the auditorium; it’s a very professional setting,” he said. “That is a venue that is more conducive to what we’re trying to accomplish.”

The intent of the gathering is to focus teachers and staff members on the start of school and get them excited for the coming year. A gathering in one of the school’s gyms would have forced staff to sit on folding chairs or bleachers, conditions not conducive to long meetings.

Forget the fact that some churches also serve as voter registration sites, I like the other example posed here, oddly enough by the ACLU itself:

For example, a few of SD2’s schools have emergency evacuation plans that call for staff and students to meet at a nearby church should some calamity befall the school.

I can see it now: another tornado like the one that struck the Billings Metra on Father’s Day strikes the city.  But this time, school is in session.  Thankfully, the proud members of the ACLU will be there- standing at the doorway- locked arm in arm- blocking the entryway to the church- so none of those poor students will be forced to have their right to the freedom from religion trampled on. 

As a side note, all I can say is this: The ACLU of Montana is a complete joke. It’s not like the pastor is kicking off the meetings by leading all the teachers and school officials in prayer. The inside of the church looks more like a concert hall than a shrine.  This just proves the Montana ACLU is nothing more than an anti-Christian, anti free-market lobby and litigation shop.

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