Hundreds Gather to Oppose Monument

Aaron Flint posted on August 23, 2010 08:17 :: 1034 Views

Hundreds turned out in Lewistown Friday for a panel discussion concerning a potential new national monument for Central and Eastern Montana. 

Fred Lark, with KXLO radio in Lewistown, says a majority of some-200 plus residents who attended the meeting sponsored by Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-MT) oppose the creation of another monument in Montana. 

Here’s what Rehberg had to say in an interview with KXLO:

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Here’s what The Great Falls Tribune had to say:

Interior Department and Bureau of Land Management officials insist that no concrete plans are in place to create new national monuments in the West.

Yeah, right — that was the message Montanans sent at the two-hour panel discussion, which Rehberg convened at the Lewistown Civic Center.

Also in attendance at the meeting- the American Prairie Foundation’s Sean Garrity, who said it is too early to have an opinion on the proposal.

The Trib’s coverage provided my vote for the Play of the Day.  As the World Wildlife Fund’s Martha Kauffman made an appearance:

Kaufmann told the crowd that Western Montana has received most of the conservation focus in Montana, while the eastern part of the state is overlooked.

“We like it that way,” somebody in the crowd shouted.

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