Gov: Those Hyping Deficit Are Damn Liars

Aaron Flint posted on August 17, 2010 15:15 :: 2123 Views

Governor Brian Schweitzer, in comments taped at a recent legislative fundraiser, says anyone who claims Montana is facing a budget deficit are quote “damn liars”…and also proposes $4.5 billion in new spending based off of projected income from the Otter Creek Coal Tracts. 

Schweitzer spoke at a fundraiser near Red Lodge on Tuesday, August 12th where he had this to say:

Schweitzer went on to discuss his plans to spend money from the Otter Creek Coal Tracts to invest in education and energy research. 

In total: $4.5 billion dollars. 

Schweitzer says $2.5 billion would go towards K-12 education, $1 billion for college scholarships to students who stay in-state and will study math and science, on top of another $1 billion for a new “Montana Institute of Technology and Energy.”

All this, as legislative fiscal analysts have forecast a potential $400 million deficit for the state of Montana in the upcoming legislative session.  

More raw video from the event:

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