UPDATE: Canadians Closing Border Station

Aaron Flint posted on July 29, 2010 09:25 :: 2198 Views

Here is a statement released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection HQS:

CBP is currently in the process of modernizing the Whitetail port of entry to address critical post-9/11 infrastructure needs and we do not have any plans to close the Whitetail port of entry at this time. We are working closely with the Canada Border Services Agency to ensure that any actions taken meet the continued security interests of both countries.


Just got a note from Emilie Boyles at KXGN in Glendive, telling me about this story breaking on Montana’s Northern border. 

The Leader confirmed that the Canadian government is planning to close the Big Beaver, Saskatchewan Port of Entry.  Big Beaver is the counterpart to Whitetail, Montana’s port of Entry.

According to Burl Bowler with The Daniels County Leader:

This creates quite a pickle for the U.S. On the American side of the border, within a few hundred feet of Big Beaver POE, the port of Whitetail is getting a controversial, extensive, several million dollar make-over. Contracts were awarded this spring for the new American facility. Work is underway and it appears the American officials are, or were oblivious to the new development until our contact. Or, maybe, they just are not commenting.

We suspect comments from the US side of border will be forthcoming, now that the closure has been confirmed.

Public Service Commission candidate, and blogger at the Electric City Weblog, Travis Kavulla wrote this piece for National Review a while back.  You may also recall the Whitetail border post controversy from last summer, as CNN crews highlighted the remote location and the proposed multi-million dollar new facility.  Here’s that piece:

Embedded video from CNN Video

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