LISTENER’S REACT: Helena Sex Ed Proposal

Advanced “Sex” Education In Kindergarten: A Perversion Beyond Words!

By: Gary D. Barnett, Lewistown

There is a very good reason that one of the ten planks of communism is a “public” government-run school system. Advanced sex education for 5 year olds most certainly solidifies this argument. Nothing could be more immoral and agenda-driven then this X-rated idiocy currently being attempted in the Helena, Montana school system. I would say “What’s next?” but what could be more evil than teaching via a “public” school system young and impressionable Kindergarten through 6th grade students (and older) about debauchery? According to KRTV in Great Falls, Montana:

“It lays out sex education topics for each grade, K through 12. In the first grade, children would be taught that human beings can love people of the same gender; in second grade, kids are taught not to make fun of people by calling them “gay” or “queer.” 
By fifth grade, they are taught there are several types of intercourse, and by the sixth grade, the draft document states that students should, “Understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration; using the penis, fingers, tongue or objects.”

I would apologize for the descriptive nature of these comments, but this information comes directly from the Helena, Montana School District’s new “K-12 Health Enhancement Comprehensive Curriculum Plan.” You can go directly to the Helena, Montana School District site at and then click on Comprehensive Health Education Curriculum. Page 45 has the outline of what is to be taught. (Pay special attention to the changes in the 5th and 6th grades)   

Obviously, the school system itself is flawed. But why wouldn’t it be given that it is run by the state? It is beyond repair, it is agenda-driven, and the teaching (I use the term very loosely) is guided by outside forces influenced by Planned Parenthood and others wishing to force their programs on all the rest of society. These include but are not limited to programs like supporting abortion, rejecting abstinence-only programs, promotion of gender identity … “Each of us has a biological sex  — whether we are female, male, or intersex,” , and aggressive sex education in public schools. According to Bruce Messinger, the Superintendent of the Helena school system, Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with this decision, but it is obvious that Planned Parenthood’s agenda matches perfectly with that of the Helena, Montana school system. Of course Messinger is simply a political pawn in the scope of things, but this is treating him too kindly considering his complicity in shoving this nastiness down the throats of minor children. He and the entire Helena School Board should be removed immediately!

What consenting adults choose to do in the privacy of their home is strictly their business, but when public school officials mandate a sexual agenda for students, then that is a different matter. These things should be left to the parents and family, not to government meddlers. With that statement made, let’s get to the meat of the problem.

Many of you will expect me to blast the “public” school system and place all blame there. I won’t! The problem and cause actually lies first with the parents who allow this type of government interference so that they can shirk their personal responsibilities. Yes, blame belongs to parents and all the rest of us who do nothing but what they are told to do by government officials.  Any parent who allows this kind of indoctrination, especially “sexual,” in the name of education and political correctness, is fully and totally at fault. Blame the school system if you will, but if those of you using the welfare education system want free “education” and free child-raising paid for by taxpayers, then you deserve everything that comes from that asinine system.

In fact, any parents who simply accept this at face value and send their children into this infernal pit of sexual indoctrination because they were told to do so is more at fault than the instigators of this execrable plan.

This is happening in my home state of Montana, one of the most remote and solid areas in the country. How long will it be until this atrocity is pushed into Lewistown? To think that it can’t happen here is naïve and startling to me, but nonetheless I imagine many out there will simply stick their heads in the proverbial sand like an Ostrich and go with the flow.

The people of this state will have sunk even further into depravity, mediocrity and dependence if they allow this kind of abomination to continue. The United States indoctrination centers called “public” schools have taken this country from 1st in the world to 19th in education. Now, what little real education is left is to be thrown aside so that a deviant indoctrination course study can take hold. Any parent or lover of liberty who allows this to advance should be completely ashamed of themselves.

This is not a time for parents to blame others, but to stand on your own two feet and take back your children. Anything less can only end in disaster, and anything less will be on your hands! 

Gary D. Barnett
Lewistown, Montana

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