Helena School Board: Back to the Drawing Board

Aaron Flint posted on July 19, 2010 12:23 :: 1434 Views

As the Helena IR’s John Doran reported late Friday, the Board of Trustees has decided to go back to the drawing board concerning the proposed sexual education curriculum.  

Meanwhile, Helena Schools Superintendent Dr. Bruce Messinger took to the statewide airwaves and addresses questions and concerns with callers on “Voices of Montana.”  Click below to hear Part One of that program.

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Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham tore into Helena Schools Superintendent Dr. Bruce Messinger.  You gotta give credit to Dr. Messinger though, he’s not afraid to take to the airwaves and defend the curriculum proposal.  Click below to hear the entire interaction between Ingraham, Messinger, and the Montana Family Foundation’s Jeff Laszloffy

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Plus, on Monday July 19th, Dr. Messinger will take to the statewide airwaves and join listeners to “Voices of Montana.”  Click here to find a station or a live stream near you. 

Meanwhile, here’s what CNN had to say last night:


A newly proposed sex education for kindergartners curriculum program is under fire from Helena parents and national talk shows.  Tuesday night, within minutes of a public meeting in Helena, Fox News’ Sean Hannity drew attention to the proposal.  Helena mom Mikal Wilkerson joined Hannity on the show after attending the Helena School Board meeting.

Now, a group called Helena Youth Advocates is gathering signatures in an online petition.  Click here to view the petition

Here’s what Mikal Wilkerson had to say Wednesday morning on “Voices of Montana.”

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ORIGINAL POST: A plan to teach sex education to kindergartners in Helena is gaining national attention. 

Fox News Radio quoted Jeff Laszloffy, of the Montana Family Foundation:  “It’s absolutely insane,” Laszloffy told FOX News Radio. “This is not education. This has crossed the line and has gone from education to indoctrination and that’s the problem parents have.”

Read the full article here

Meanwhile, a public meeting takes place Tuesday evening, July 13th on the topic.  

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