Dems Urge Heckling of Rehberg Townhall

Aaron Flint posted on July 25, 2010 23:44 :: 1067 Views

Montana Republicans were quick to call attention to an e-mail from Carbon County Democrats urging members to heckle a townhall meeting in Red Lodge hosted by Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-MT). 

Former Montana Republican Party Chairman Erik Iverson spoke of the e-mail Friday morning on “Voices of Montana.” The forwarded e-mail (with phone numbers blocked out) reads as follows:

Chris Quijano received a call from Trent at MDP.  Rheberg is doing a town hall in Red Lodge this Saturday at 3PM at the Roosevelt Middle School 413 Oaks.  It would be cool for folks who can ask questions (i.e. heckle) to attend.   If people need questions to ask Trent Boldger at MDP has some pre-established questions his number is ***-****. Someone needs to ask him about suing the tax payers (Billings Fire Dept).

Montana GOP Executive Director Bowen Greenwood lashed out at the Democratic Party and specifically criticized the lack of townhall meetings by the two Democratic US Senators representing Montana.

While Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester sit in their comfy offices in Washington, D.C., Montanans are left reeling from the failed policies that they craft behind closed doors.  On the rare occasion when they do make it back to the state, the meetings they hold are invitation-only events; allowing them to avoid the growing frustration folks back home are expressing.

And, if you missed it- the Billings Gazette has a recap of Rehberg’s 59th townhall meeting since January 2009.  Click here to read that report.

Meanwhile, if you missed the latest back and forth between the Montana Democrats and Rehberg.  Montana Democrats were quick to seize on remarks made by Congressman Rehberg in an interview with the Lee Newspaper’s Chuck Johnson:

“You’ve got a Democrat in Montana doing the right thing,” Rehberg said. “Why can’t we do the right thing now?”

Rehberg was criticing Congress for rejecting a spending freeze for certain federal agencies.  Also on Friday, Iverson was quick to point out that Rehberg said Democrat, not Democrats…emphasing the lack of an S at the end of the statement. 

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